History of English Turn

English Turn is named for a historical location marker on the Mississippi River where one of New Orleans’ founding fathers bluffed a mighty English ship of war. At the end of the 17th century, Jean Bapiste Le Moyne (also know as Bienville) as exploring the area where he, his brother (Iberville) and their group of men claimed in the name of France. Bienville and two canoes of men followed a river bend and came upon an English frigate. Not wanting the ship and its crew to proceed any farther, Bienville and his men instinctively informed the English captain the land was already under French control evident by the mighty French fleet positioned slightly upriver. The English captain, most likely influenced by his knowledge of Bienville’s prior naval victories, believed the lie and ordered his crew to retreat from the French position. That river bend in the Mississippi has since been known as English Turn.

The Clubhouse

In a city internationally known for its authenticity, magnificent architecture and outstanding fare, English Turn Golf and Country Club stands out as an unmatched example of a luxurious environment with superb recreational facilities.

English Turn Golf and Country Club is a luxury golf and residential community on 1200 gorgeous acres in the city of New Orleans. At the center of this community is English Turn’s spectacular 43,000 square foot clubhouse. This magnificent structure recalls the grace and grandeur of one of Louisiana’s legendary plantation homes. Surrounded by romantic verandas, an expanse of green lush lawns and flowering gardens, the clubhouse offers members and their guests the very finest in New Orleans Golf, Dining and Events.

The Clubhouse at English Turn features the finest accommodations including a world class golf pro shop, dining, multiple meeting and event spaces and a fitness center. Over the past 30 years, English Turn’s Clubhouse has hosted many golf tournaments, corporate meetings, luxurious weddings, family dinners, holiday events and film / tv shows. Only 8 miles from New Orleans CBD, English Turn Golf and Country Club is a tribute to the city’s timeless elegance.

English Turn is the perfect venue for those who wish to experience the pinnacle of New Orleans Golf country club magnificence.

We look forward to seeing you around the clubhouse!

Initiation Fees & Monthly Dues

Corporate Full Golf Membership
Per Corporate Designee
Initiation: $1,000 +tax
Monthly Dues: $355 +tax
Family Full Golf Membership Initiation: $500 +tax
Monthly Dues: $355 +tax
Couples Golf Membership Initiation: $500 +tax
Monthly Dues: $295 +tax
Single Golf Membership Initiation: $500 +tax
Monthly Dues: $200 +tax
Junior Golf Membership
*Under 31 Years of Age
Initiation: $200 +tax
*Under 31 Years of Age Monthly Dues: $120 +tax
Fitness, Tennis, Swim Initiation: $500 +tax
Monthly Dues: $159 +tax
Social Membership
(Fitness and Clubhouse Only)
Initiation Fee: NIA
Monthly Dues: $81 +tax

All Membership Levels Require a 12 Month Commitment and a $90 per quarter Food & Beverage Requirement.